Stephen Cherry Photography | Snow, Ocean City, Maryland

Snow, Ocean City, Maryland

March 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I traveled to Ocean City, Maryland earlier this week for an assignment.  On the second day of the shoot, the snow began to fall.  Luckily, the assignment was not affected by the weather.  I did, however, realize that I was not going to make it home that day as planned.  I caught up with fellow photographer Grant L. Gursky who was assigned to shoot stills and roll video of the snow in Ocean City.  We kicked around the boardwalk for a bit hoping we might find people out in the snow.  But it was very cold and windy and there were not many. 

I shot this of Grant setting up his rig for video.  I stayed under the cover of the entrance to the amusement rides.

As we got back to the inlet parking lot, we saw five trucks and one Mercedes doing donuts and slides through the snow covered lot.  We shot stills and video of that before moving on.  I called it a day.  Grant stayed out getting more for his assignment.




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